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Why We Don't Do 'Spec' Homes

In a nutshell, Nation Custom Builders has made the choice not to get engaged in building homes for the market, otherwise known as 'spec' homes. If you think about it, if we are busy in building homes that do not yet have owners, while at the same time building homes that have owners ready and waiting to move into, well, you can imagine which home would get the most attention. In this way, we have limited our business wholey to the clients who hire us to give them our best effort.

Herein lies another issue. You may drive by developments who are dedicated to using a 'preferred builders list.' You may deduct that these builders are on these lists due to the quality of their production. But this isn't always so..In most situations, the preferred builder is the one who has purchased a lot in that development, and is building a 'spec' home on it. Which is usually the only requirement to be included on those lists.

And so, you may not find us on these lists. However, you will find Realtors and new homeowners who will happily recommend our company to you, we ask that you give us the same opportunity to be your builder of choice.

New Home Construction

Alternate Text The Plan. The budget. The drawings. The timeline. The approvial process. Breaking Ground. Finish and Wrap. Move In. By using skilled architects, engineers and designers to create custom blue prints for building your next new construction project, and expert craftsman to develop and implement designs that fit your life style. We will guide you through the entire new construction process, from setting a budget to choosing the right set of plans, to making your new construction project a reality.

Residential Remodeling

Alternate Text We specialize in all aspects of home remodeling, which includes room additions, kitchen remodeling, bathrooms remodels, windows and doors, carpentry, home improvements, home renovations, general and custom remodeling, and much more.

We are known for our reliability, superior workmanship and impeccable service. Over the years, we have developed a deep respect for the importance of individual expression in home remodeling. Right from the start of every project, we strive to fully understand and incorporate your individuality into every phase of planning, design, and construction process. So whether you need to remodel your kitchen or bathrooms, or looking to do custom remodeling project such as a room addition, we are here for all of your home remodeling, and home improvements needs.

Outdoor Creations

Alternate Text We started off doing decks, shops, garages, gazebos, and children's playhouses. We're not about to say we don't do them anymore. Sunrooms, porches, sauna and jacuzzi rooms can be added to the list.

Let's face it, your property doesn't just encompass your house. Your home can be made warm and inviting with outdoor creations. We have years of experience to aid in this endevour.

Home Construction Repairs

Alternate Text Whether it was an act of God, act of weather, or act of man, things happen. And things break. From walls, roofs, or flooring we can take care of your structural or cosmetic home repair needs. We can also work with you with any insurance claims that may need to be filed.